Software Development

Ogive provides custom software development and consulting services in the area of datawarehousing and mining.

Our delivery mechanism rests on a framework of proven and tested project management practices that helps us ensure consistent quality across all our offerings.

We have expertise in software development on Linux, Microsoft platforms and web technologies including Java, ASP.

Our core functional strengths are in sales and distribution, supply chain and logistics.

Clients use our services to :
  • Develope software for workflow automation, website, developement, customised portal solutions, customised messaging solutions.
  • Design, build and manage data warehouse and decision support infrastructure.

Project Management

Ogive provides high quality software developent services to our clients. Our objective is to provide simple, effective, reliable and user-friendly solutions. Our experience in development leads us to believe that quality software needs to be superior by design . We have a structured methodology to ensure that customer requirements are exhaustively captured while simultaneiously building in the capability to address future requirements.

As a custom software developer we address each project as being unique in itself - but we do follow proven and tested project management practices that helps us ensure consistent quality across all our offerings.

Our approach to project management attempts to include the customer at all levels and accept inputs on a continuous basis. There is a very clear stress on ensuring that the client stays informed throughtout the process. Depending on the size and scope, a typical project could include all or some of the following steps :

Pre-project: Description of the business scenario, dicussions with customer to identify the ideal solution in terms of software and hardware infrastructure, platforms and language.

Analysis : Specify the requirement and in a formal requirement specification.

Design : Plan the architecture of the solution detailing the various features and how they will be implemented. Our design approach involves an iterative methodology that tries to capture all customer needs.

Implementation : Identification of the project team. Creation of a demo application to allow client to 'use' application and come back with feedback. Freeze requirement and develope application with continuous feedback from and to customer. Perform quality checks and validation. Create documentation as a parallel process.

Completion : Perform additional quality assurance and testing. Review and finalise documentation. Present solution to customer.

Automating Processes

It has become an imperative in the current global market that companies be efficient, fast and accurate in their operations to simply survive. Workflow automation allows all these and more. It not only simplifies and streamlines operations, but also provides greater visibility and transparency in the operations - visibility that allows identification of bottlenecks and resource constraints and transparency that leads to increased accountability. The implications therefore go beyond being merely operational - managers get less involved in day-to-day processes and more involved in process monitoring.

Managing Data

Data Warehousing:

Today's competitive environment demands that businesses capture, process, and analyze massive volumes of data. Proliferations of new competitors are forcing companies to quickly transform their data into actionable information. The result is a growing need to define strategies, select technologies, and build world-class data warehouse and decision support infrastructures.

Ogive Data Warehousing solutions help clients develop the strategies and systems they need to identify and exploit market opportunities, pinpoint ways to improve the bottom line, and proactively meet the changing demands of their customers.

Ogive has professional specialists who have years of expertise in developing data warehouse applications. Ogive helps its clients in Acquiring, Replicating, Transforming and managing the data to provide data for executives for decision support.

Data Mining:

Data mining uses computing power and advanced analytical techniques to discover useful relationships in large datasets. We can mine the data that you already have, or the data that we've collected for you. Most importantly, we can show you how to understand your data and use it to your best advantage.

Our data mining services bring together leading tools and cutting-edge Statistical analysis techniques to create strategic business intelligence from corporate data. This involves analyzing Historical detail transactions to identify trends, establish and reveal hidden relationships for future predictability.